I am an experienced, licensed therapist and have been counseling people for over 20 years in Britain and in the US. I have supported many people through the most difficult times of their lives. 
I have always wanted to make a difference in the world. I am no stranger to pressure, dealing with many kinds of challenging situations including crisis intervention. I ran a mental health center in England for 8 years and have worked in healthcare settings in the UK and US. I have taken my own healing journey, healing the aftereffects of early childhood medical trauma. I appreciate both how trauma can effect one's daily living including relationships and also how being close to others experiencing trauma can effect oneself vicariously.
I have trained in 5 rhythms dance and taught this healing dance/movement practice since 1988, helping many people to receive the benefits of dance/movement, letting one's body move as it wants, the healing power of music and that of being part of a connected community.
I am a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and incorporate knowledge of the nervous system in my trauma recovery work. I integrate a variety of trauma resolution techniques into my work including EMDR,  body based somatic practices and resource-oriented skills training. I have a practical, here and now approach to therapy, utilizing those techniques and approaches that suit each individual, couple or group that I work with. I draw from mindfulness based practice, DBT, cognitive, expressive and somatic bodies of knowledge.
I have a gentle approach and specialize in assisting others to retrieve their sense of personal empowerment and inner safety after trauma. I help couples create sustained improvement in their relationship, helping to create more effective communication and fulfilling partnerships.

Please give me a call at (510) 377-1082.
CA license:  LCS #19528
About Pauline
Pauline Wakeham, LCSW..... counseling in the Bay Area, California...
...specialist counseling and resourcing, helping people out of overwhelm...
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