Individual counseling: Individual counseling involves meeting one on one to help identify your personal stress and trauma history and assess the nature of the problem,  work through painful feelings, gain new perspectives, identify and implement helpful changes and set attainable goals. I generally meet clients for 45 minutes on a weekly or biweekly basis, depending on  your needs.

Couples counseling: How securely we can bond and attach to 
our partners gets shaped by our prior experiences. Trauma shapes this bonding and impacts our relationships. Through couples counseling, our
relationships, once a place of pain and struggle can become the source and celebration of healing.

Support groups: A small support group of 6 to 8 members meets weekly in order to focus on a theme or issue that is common to everyone attending. Groups usually run for 90 minutes.

Fully-A-Live:  Dance/Movement groups for trauma survivors and others on the path to recovery. 1.5 hour weekly currently on Thursdays 2.00pm to 3.30pm at the Jeffrey Bihr Studio, Rockridge, Oakland. Gentle movement and dance to help people restore a sense of personal power and group support assisting your return to safety after an intense period of trauma, stress or shock and overwhelm. 

Living Life Whole: a group for men and women who want more satisfying connections with others, to feel more loved, lovable and loving while connecting to an inner state of vibrancy and wholeness. Thursdays,
6.15pm to 7.45pm, Rockridge, Oakland.

Therapist's have bodies too: monthly movement group for therapists and counselors. A movement based resource, using my experience and training in the 5 Rhythms dance practice, Somatic Experiencing and Resource Oriented skills training to provide a space in which therapists and counselors can explore how a somatic focus can both support their own well being as well as help them help others.    
Telephone counseling: Some people  who are unable to get to my office, choose to get support through telephone counseling sessions. Sessions are 40 minutes in length.

Do call me, I 'd like to help: (510) 377-1082
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